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Friday, 1 July 2011

Finally Google join the social revolution with Google+

Well the time has come. Google have unveiled Google+, a social strand to add to the company’s search engine which is set to rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Vic Gundotra Google’s senior vice president of the social sector has managed a yearlong project which has finally led to the rollout of Google+. Despite the project been delayed several times it is now set to challenge Facebook’s dominance within the social networking arena.

You may have noticed that Google have redesigned their home page navigation bar. The familiar grey strip at the top of Google has been replaced by a black bar displaying new options for accessing your Google+ profile and engaging with other users.

The underlining function of Google+ is to become a social network. Initially users will be introduced to the ‘stream’ feature. This is similar to Facebook’s ‘news feed’ and allows for the users content to be shared with friends.

Explore Google+ for yourselves by clicking on the below link then let us know what you think on Twitter @nutcrackernet.

At the moment Google+ is still on trial and only a select number of people are able to participate during this period.

However it won’t be long before we can all have a go!

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