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Friday, 7 October 2011

Could Google’s infinite scrolling affect your search results?

You may have noticed recently that when you search for an image on Google, your results are displayed on one page. This is called infinite scrolling.

There are rumours that Google are in the process of testing this formula out on main searches. If infinite scrolling is used in search results, the potential impact on search engine rankings could be major.

For the user it makes it easier to view any relevant results. The user will be inclined to carry on scrolling until they find the required result, as this is much faster and easier than clicking to the next page.

For SEO purposes this could have a huge impact on the industry, where not all of the emphasis will be focussed on page 1 results, as potentially a user could view up to 10 pages just by scrolling down. So this could be excellent news for the small fish companies fighting for the high demand key phrases.

The Russian search engine ‘Yandex’ has just rolled this out. Users will see 10 results with a button below ‘see 10 more results’ which once pressed will display a further 10 result areas, whilst the original 10 results are still available.

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