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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nutcracker and ‘social media’ can improve your web impact

With around 500 million users and counting, Facebook and Twitter have become a vast and dynamic marketplace of potential customers and networking opportunities.

Nutcracker can place you amongst potential customers searching for ‘Tweets’ relating to your business or offer in the same way people use Google and other search engines.

As more people share your information across social media the more prevalent your organisation name will become, making it increasingly visible to search engines.

Social media creates what is known as a ‘viral effect’ as 'fans' and 'followers' spread word about your offer, for free, increasing brand awareness, trust and unbiased third party testimonials.

However, building a good following on Facebook or Twitter can be time consuming…

This is where Nutcracker excels, for advice call 01384 455 141 today.

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