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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Where have all the clicks gone?

Sometime around mid October, Google changed the way it displayed search results. The effect of this on some sites was a drop in traffic of up to 80%.

Nutcracker can reveal that this was not an isolated occurrence, as the effects have changed search results across the web. While some sites are seen to be losing traffic, others report a 30%+ increase.

The details of the change are still unknown but it is thought that Google altered the algorithm that determines the way search results are ranked. This is potentially very serious for sites that sell products or generate leads as a sudden drop in traffic could mean a considerable decline in revenue.
Nutcracker has found that so far the changes in traffic have remained constant, indicating a deliberate adjustment of the way Google works. Our search engine optimisation team are familiar with this type of potential problem and can confidently adjust their SEO procedures to harmonise completely with the revised Google software.

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