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Friday, 1 June 2012

‘Worfe Looking At’ charity calendar in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer’

An image taken from the 'Worfe Looking At' Charity Calendar 2012

Nutcracker has recently contributed both time and expertise towards another project on behalf of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Since completion of the project the Breakthrough Breast Cancer team have been in contact with our Sales Director, Rob Hupperdine to personally thank him for all of his ‘wonderful support for the ‘Worfe Looking At’ charity calendar in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer’.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer stated that ‘the time and resources you (Rob and Nutcracker) kindly gave towards the project have been instrumental in its success’. They went on to say that our final fundraising total of £3710 could help fund a specialist incubator that is vital for growing delicate cells at the correct temperature and humidity within laboratories.

Without the support of people like Rob and companies such as Nutcracker, vital funds would not be raised and discoveries into new treatments simply could not happen.

Nutcracker continues to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer so that vital improvements in breast cancer prevention, treatment and services can continue.

If you would like any information about Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the work that they do then please visit or email:

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