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Monday, 16 April 2012

Top Tips - Things you really MUST know about your Facebook Business Page Timeline

If you have just logged onto your Facebook Business Page you may have had a bit of a shock. It's not quite as you remembered it is it?

Don't panic! Below are a few things you really MUST know about the new features available to you and the huge benefits and opportunities that are now available for your brand.

1. You now have a 'cover photo'. The cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels. The image that you choose for this section must represent your brand and be attractive to your target audience. You may be thinking that this is a little bit more complicated than you first imagined. So let us do the hard work for you. We can design a cover photo in line with your corporate identity and create a page truly representative of your brand. See our cover photo below or click here to visit our Page.

REMEMBER: Facebook's new policies state that a cover photo must not include price or purchase information, your company contact details, calls to action or references to Facebook features or actions. If you get stuck at any point or would like more information then give Nutcracker a call on 01384 455 141 or to send us an email click HERE.

2. Set your 'profile picture'. This picture is the image that will get shown next to each of your status updates on your wall and within other users' news feeds. The image that you use should be 180 x 180 pixels but remember that this image scales down to a thumbnail size of 32 x 32 pixels. Using a logo here really is a great choice! Below is our new profile picture.

3. Organise your 'Apps and Views' Facebook's new Timeline design features your photos, likes and apps at the top of the page just below the cover photo. Photos are set by Facebook to automatically feature as the first element. However page administrators can rearrange the following apps to feature as they please. A total of 12 apps can be shown on your page. Here is how ours appears below.

HINT: there are some amazing apps that can be created for organisations to showcase their services and expertise. To take a look at Nutcracker's click here or if you would like more information give us a call 01384 455 141 

4. New icons...'star, hide and pin'. You will notice that when you place the cursor over individual stories that you can make them wider or use the pencil icon to hide things from your Timeline. Important posts can be highlighted using the star icon - great for pointing out special offers or company successes. To 'pin' a specific story means that a chosen post can be placed at the top of your Timeline for up to 7 days. Specific posts which you feel are important wont therefore get lost amongst more recent updates.

5. Displaying your company 'Milestones'.  This new feature allows page administrators to display some of their organisations biggest accomplishments such as the year their company began, acquisitions, awards, product releases, etc. The milestone images are 843 x430 pixels. Milestones are created by using the status update box where you are prompted for information.

For more information on what packages are available from Nutcracker for the customisation of you Facebook Page click HERE.

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