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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Welcome to the team Russ!

Nutcracker would like to give a warm welcome to the newest member of our team, Russ!

Hi, I'm Russ - web designer, graphic designer, nerd, musician and general big, friendly type. I'm one of the company's techie go-to people, and (apart from a short absence) part of the purple furniture. Out-of-hours I can mostly be found plucking a large, stringed-wardrobe (double bass) and writing/performing original music.

I'm 44, married to Jayne and live in Dudley - a stone's throw from Nutcracker. I originally hail from Wolverhampton but moved to Dudley when I got married, almost 20 years ago.

In my spare time I'm a musician (bassist and multi-instrumentalist). I often use live looping and effects to create layered music - sometimes with multiple instruments but mostly only using a bass guitar. My music has been described as, "subtle layers of sound that emerge gracefully like cinematic soundtracks". Visit my website to listen -

I'm currently involved in lots of different musical projects ranging from forming a jazz duo with a local saxophonist to writing and recording with ambient and progressive artists in the USA.

Right... back to work... ttfn.


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