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Friday, 18 November 2011

Did your website get ‘Fresh’ with Google?

On Wednesday 2nd November, Google got ‘Fresh’. Yet another algorithm update commonly known as ‘Fresh’ is one of ten updates that have been implemented within the last 2 weeks.

Since this search has impacted upon 35% of all searches, it’s significance is worth talking about!

This update is a tweak to Google’s earlier ‘Caffeine’ algorithm.  The Caffeine update provided 50% fresher results for searches than the previous Google index. This symbolise that individuals now have higher expectations for search engines than in the past as they expect to have access to relevant instantaneous content.

In other words, for your rankings to stay consistent or to increase, you will need to update your content on a regular basis. This can include social media content, blogging and news articles.

So, if you were to do a search on Google at present for ‘Olympics’ the chances  are that you are after information relating to the 2012 Olympics and not the 1900 Olympics. This ‘Fresh’ algorithm update will take this into account (think for you!) and provide you with the results relating to the latest information available.

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