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Friday, 4 November 2011


Why is search engine optimisation so important..?
Imagine what may happen if your clients couldn’t easily find your telephone number or even your address.
Yep, bet you couldn’t survive for very long in that situation could you?
Well, the same thing can be said for your website. If it cannot be easily located (ie at the top/front of any search engine) then it will be overlooked in favour of competitor’s sites that get there first!!
If your website can’t be found easily then it will not get visited, which means that ‘traffic’ numbers will fall, which in turn lowers your sites rating on the search engine algorithm – Catch 22! The more people visit your website - the more the more people will see it in the first place.
It is therefore essential that you make the hunt for your website as simple and as straight forward as possible. You may say ‘I have a URL, so people can find us that way’, well yes that may be so, but that only applies to your current customers or to those who can remember exactly what you company URL is.
If your customer's want to find your website then they will.  Other potential customers are lost unless you rank effectively within a search engine. Effective SEO could put you in front of the competition.
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