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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Rod or a Net...?

What would a wise fisherman do? Use a rod which only allows him to catch individual fish in one specific area? Or use a net which will allow him to expand his trawl and capture a varied range of fish over a large area and even fish travelling in different directions?
The same principal applies with online marketing.

It is important to understand that search engines are evolving and that social media is now a huge part of that process. The use of social media within an integrated inbound marketing strategy can give your company website an adrenalin rush making it increasingly visible to your target audience. 

Recently both Bing and Google admitted in interviews that their search results are positively affected by social signals such as tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1’s’. This is evidence that there are significant benefits from combining social media marketing with a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The benefits range from increased social network discovery via search to the ability to attract and develop links for advanced SEO.

The links that you build through social media, the references, the authority — all can have an impact in various ways on how you are ranked and listed even in ‘regular’ search results,” says Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land. “Social media allows for people to provide more trusted signals.” (source: Mashable 2011)
Below are a few examples of how SEO and social media complement each other:

1. Social media content can be optimised based on an organisation's keyword analysis.

2. Media sharing through social interactions creates content that improves a brand's visibility within search results.

Both Google and Bing have added real time results to their searches. This means that Twitter and Google+ results show up prominently above other content.

For more hints and tips on how to increase your online presence through the use of social media give us a call today or visit our portfolio.

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